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Manton Garden Project - Saturdays

The Manton Garden project is an opportunity to volunteer your time for the benefit of others. Have a laugh, make a difference and do something different.

Why volunteer?
• It's an amazing feel-good activity which has been proven to boost self-confidence and a sense of meaning.
• It looks great on the personal statement and CV; employers and universities are looking for individuals who show ethical and moral values.
• Duke of Edenborough requires you do voluntary work, this is a great opportunity to fulfil that.
• It helps people. One reason and arguably the most important reason to get involved is because you want to make others' lives better.

What does it actually involve?
• Starting after half term in the Saturday activity time we will meet at the college and drive 5 minutes down the road to the Garden project.
• We will wack on some music and do some landscaping / gardening / building work for a couple of hours.
• Have a tea break half way through.
• Then we're done.
• We want students to do the jobs they most enjoy.

Every one of us makes a difference to the world, whether we try or not. It is up to use to decide whether the difference we make is negative, neutral, or positive.