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English Literature

This fascinating subject will see you study texts old and new in the three major genres - prose, poetry and drama. You’ll start to grasp characters and all the nuances in writing that help to create characters, coming to recognise the language strategies at work.

You’ll know why the text has been put together as it has been, exploring the themes, topics and issues that were so important to the writer that they wove them into their work. You’ll discuss what these mean – and the impact that writing has on our everyday lives.

The satisfaction of closing the last cover on a good book, being able to interpret a once difficult poem; and be excited by the different possibilities of interpretation, or to be able to truly master Shakespeare to the point of explaining it to others, are what you really learn on this course.

This subject is for you if:

You want to learn to appreciate drama, poetry and fiction at a deeper level. This will open the door to a world of literature that once may have seemed daunting, but will increasingly become a matter of enjoyment, relish and eager anticipation. Discussion is essential to learning about this subject and you have to be willing to try to pitch your ideas into the discussion, to see what happens and where it takes you.


  • 30% coursework
  • 70% exam
Subject Level Yr Grp Exam Board
English Literature IGCSE Y11 Pearson