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Religious Studies

Our Religious Studies GCSE is made up of four topics studied over two years: Philosophy, Ethics, Christianity and Islam. Each topic goes into detail – and you’ll use case studies drawn from the modern world around us to examine the nature of knowledge and faith, and how religion and philosophy influence our everyday lives.

You’ll spend your time thinking about ‘big ideas’ and how they relate to the decisions we make. You’ll discuss the nature of ‘truth’ and the role that belief might play in contemporary societies.

You’ll be encouraged to develop and explore your own beliefs, whatever they might be - and to write, think, and talk about belief systems.

This is a relevant and important subject for many areas of life and will help you become a reasoned person, with well-justified opinions.

This subject is for you if:

You enjoy the idea of discussing great philosophical questions about the purpose and meaning of life - and how that affects the modern world around us.

You’ll enjoy debating ‘big issues’ such as terrorism, relationships, peace & war, justice, tolerance, and faith - and you’ll be excited to challenge your own way of thinking through understanding the mindset of others.


100% exam

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