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Shirley House

Shirley House – Loyal je suis (Loyal am I)

It’s a relatively simple formula. Shirley House provides a network of support for each of its pupils to ensure that everyone achieves and finds success. When pupils do well, they receive praise and a well-earned pat on the back. If they are struggling, they get all the help they need to put them back on track. Since the House system is so strong, communication is effective and efficient and it is not long before we know each and every pupil very well indeed.

That, in essence, is the strength of such a strong House system, around which our community thrives. Every pupil matters and we search to find everyone’s talents and encourage all to take an active and enthusiastic role in the school, hopefully meaning they live a happy and fulfilled life during their time here.

"Shirley is one big happy family and offers a fun, but educational experience which is the foundation of our community.


Shirley House Events 

Pupils compete throughout the year in two Competitions to gain House points. There is a sports competition (The L’Amie Cup) as well as The Cuthbert Trophy; based on non- sporting events such as House Debating, Cookery, Design & Technology, Photography, and Chess.

In order to bring the team together, Shirley House run a programme of events throughout the year and pupils are encouraged to get involved as much as possible. The House has run many trips such as the Juniors visiting Xscape and Year 11 trying their hand at the Aerial Assault Course. The Sixth Formers also ventured further afield when they visited the London West End, to watch an evening performance of ‘Avenue Q’.

As well as this, Shirley run ‘in House’ events too, such as the Shirley Hoedown, an evening of country and line dancing.

Charity events are also arranged and have included a  12-hour swimathon to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research.

Staff at Shirley House 


Mr Richard Baker (Head of P.E)

Assistant Housemistress/Sixth Form Tutor

Mrs. Melanie Christodoulou (Head of Food and Nutrition)


Mr Stevie Partington (Music)


Mr. John Turner (Head of Mathematics)


Miss Caroline White (ICT)


Miss Karen Barratt


2008 saw the dawning of a new era for Shirley House. After much refurbishment, rebuilding and some reshuffling of furniture, in September 2008, the House opened its doors to the new intake of Shirley, as a Boys’ Day House. The paint schemes of pastel blues and greens, with a boyish shade of yellow, imprinted upon its fabric an ambiance of calm, and with it, the hope that its serenity might be reflected in its members for the years to come.

Surprisingly, it worked! Of course, this could have been simply due to the absence of the girls, as prior to 2008, Shirley was the only co-educational House in the school. It might equally have been the Assistant Housemistress’ choice of curtains, but whatever the case, Shirley is certainly a calm, friendly and positive environment where boys enjoy every opportunity to socialise, to build lasting friendships and to develop life skills that will help them achieve greater success in their future lives.