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A different type of education

The state education sector has never been under more pressure.

Class sizes of 35 plus, a lack of basic equipment, mixed age groups and very little outdoor space, our colleagues in the state sector have a difficult job.

But state education isn’t the only answer

At Ranby House, the number of families joining us from the state sector is growing every year. Attracted by smaller class sizes, an abundance of outdoor space and subject specialists at every level – many parents are choosing to make that change.

And it’s not just about facilities or resources. With no SATs and no pressure on Year 6 pupils to ‘pass’ them, our teaching focuses on the whole child, realising that a happy, well-adjusted child is a successful one.

Whatever form that success takes.

‘State just wasn’t right for him. We’re so glad we made the decision. You don’t get to repeat your Primary School years – they’re so special”

Marion Goddard, mum to Joseph, joined Year 4 in September 2018

How expensive is a private education?

According to reports, the average one-child, two working parent household in the UK spends approximately £200 a month on Before and After School childcare, with a further £50 a month spent on extra-curricular activities. And more than a quarter of parents in the UK are choosing to use a private tutor to boost their children’s education, with an average of £2758 being spent per child, per year.

So, although the idea of a fee-paying school may at first seem unaffordable, when you consider what is included in our fees, it may suddenly become a more attractive proposition.

So why Ranby House?

  • Safe, rural location in 60 acres of beautiful woodland
  • Small class sizes with no mixed age groups
  • Individual teaching plans - and no SATS means less pressure - for parent as well as child
  • Breakfast Club and After School Club included in the fees
  • Subject specialist teachers at every level, teaching to the Growth Mindset philosophy
  • 25 different extra-curricular activities and clubs included in the fees
  • Bursaries (fee discounts) offered from Year 1

If you’re interested in exploring a private education for your child, please do get in touch. We’d love to show you round our school and help you get a feel for the education we provide.

Call the Admissions Team on 010909537100 or email


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