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We recognise that parents lead busy lives and that the school run can be a tricky thing to navigate.

Despite our rural location, we’re more accessible than you might think!

With our own fleet, we offer a number of bus services to Worksop College and Ranby House, morning and afternoon, Monday to Friday, with new routes being added all the time.

Families have the option to choose either a Full service aimed at Day pupils or Flexi service aimed at flex boarders and can book the morning (drop-off at school), afternoon (drop-off at home) or both.

Please note: buses do not run on a Wednesday afternoon.

Areas we cover 

We have five different 'zones' covering four different counties and we currently operate 12 dedicated routes. Service fees are charged according to which zone a pupil boards the bus and which option is chosen. Route stops and zone designation is shown on the map linked below.

Service Fees 

Service options

From September 2024 we will continue to offer three school bus service options. Prices are dependent on the zone your child/children will board the bus. Zone A is the closest zone to the college and Zone E is the furthest from the school.

  1. Option One ‘Full Time’ (9 trips per week)
    This option enables pupils to use the bus service daily to and from school each day of the week except Wednesday evenings.
  2. Option Two ‘Flexi’
    This option enables pupils to use the bus service for up to six journeys of their choice per week except Wednesday evenings. *
  3. Option Three ‘Emergency Ad Hoc’
    In exceptional circumstances where users require transport to or from school. **

* Note there is no transport provision Wednesday PM.

**Note that ad hoc use is subject to a seat being available on the bus of your chosen route and cannot be booked more than 7 days in advance.

Policy and Code of Conduct  

Any questions, please email 

Need a different route? Give us a call to discuss 01909 537100, we’d be happy to consider it.