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Pastoral Care

We take a very proactive approach to supporting our students' mental health and wellbeing. Our pastoral systems are designed to ensure that pupils always feel there is someone they can turn to if they need help, in an informal or more formal capacity.  Our small group (Ys 7 to 8) and our one-to-one (Y9-Y13) tutoring system allows the pupils the opportunity to have weekly, face to face meetings with their tutor, where they are at liberty to discuss all manner of issues, from academic progress to their worries or concerns. Our Housemasters and Housemistresses are also a constant source of support and advice.

Health Care Centre 

We are lucky to have a Health Care facility on site, where students can talk to one of our nurses, or the school listeners. Access to counselling can also be arranged. The chaplain plays an invaluable role in the support of the students, as do the trained peer listeners and the wider pastoral staff. This approach and excellent communication between Houses, Health Care Centre and the wider school staff ensures that supporting our pupils remains our number one priority.

Dr John Price, Worksop College Headmaster, on the Importance of Community 

“There is something incredibly powerful about community. About people from all walks of life, backgrounds and abilities coming together to support each other to be the best they can be. Our strength as a school lies in finding out what a child excels at and nurturing that skill to create resilient, adaptable and independent learners. We are a proud broad-ability school and while we are adept at nurturing those for whom academia comes naturally – we are equally proud of our artists, sports people and musicians. Pastoral care and community is at the heart of what my team and I are passionate about.”

Mrs Futter, Deputy Head Pastoral, on the Importance of Wellbeing 

"Providing programmes throughout the year for students that address social and mental wellbeing is essential and so our practical workshops like ‘Risk Week’ help students to explore and encourage positive patterns of behaviour, as well as self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.

Whilst students at our junior school, Ranby House take part in a week-long range of activities surrounding ‘anti-bullying’ where students look at real-life scenarios, cyber-bulling and identifying what bullying is.

The more we educate students about social and mental wellbeing, the greater the positive impact on our sense of community."

Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Student wellbeing has been at the foundation of Worksop College’s ethos for nearly a century, with alumnus Chad Varah’s legacy woven into our values. We know that student wellbeing underpins every aspect of schooling, from a child’s ability to learn, to their ability to build relationships. We believe that education is more than academic results, but about human flourishing, placing importance on what makes our students truly happy. Having measures such as one-to-one tutors, each child has a constant support network. A welcoming Health Care Centre, present pastoral leads and eighteen qualified youth mental health first-aiders, also strengthens our dedication to student wellbeing.

With a commitment to improving student wellbeing, the school has appointed a Wellbeing Officer – a professional to dedicate their efforts towards the mental health of our students.