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Worksop College welcomes ASOS CEO, Nick Beighton

Founded in 2000, there aren’t many people who haven’t heard of online fashion retailer, ASOS.

Since its launch, ASOS has become the UK’s biggest independent online and fashion beauty retailer – and it shows no sign of slowing down.

A leader in fast-fashion, ASOS has paved the way for consumers to have access to current trends and brands. Selling over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories.

ASOS chief executive, Nick Beighton visited the College yesterday to talk with our Sixth Form students about entrepreneurship and what he’s learned in his career so far.  

“I don’t do business talks,” said Nick, “I’d much rather speak directly to young people and if it sparks a conversation or helps shape an idea, then I’m happy.”

A trained accountant, Nick joined ASOS in 2009 as CFO from nightclub owner The Deltic Group, where he was finance director, before taking over the job in 2015.

The fashion retailer has become a force to be reckoned with in the e-commerce world. With a turnover last year of £1.9bn, the CEO puts it down to combining the latest technology, cutting-edge designs and content.

ASOS has websites targeting the UK, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and Italy. It also ships to over 140 countries from fulfilment centres in the UK, US and Europe.

As well as developing their technology, and spotting upcoming trends, ASOS are at the forefront of advocating current social and economic issues.

Their website promotes a ‘Choice for all’ offering their brands in more than 30 sizes – and are committed to providing all sizes at the same price. Recently, ASOS partnered with GLAAD, one of the biggest voices in LGBTQ activism, on a gender-neutral collection to unite in accelerating acceptance.

The fast-fashion giant are also an advocate of body positivity – to promote a healthy body image. On their website, they state:

“We’re not about conforming to any stereotypes – so we work with more than 200 models to represent our audience. And we’re not in the business of digitally altering their appearance either… there’s no reshaping or removing stretch marks here. Our models are part of the ASOS family and we support them by following a Model Welfare Policy.”

ASOS is a multi-channel experience, allowing customers to shop via the web, mobile, app or on social media. ASOS have 7.2 million followers on Instagram and are currently experimenting with augmented reality.

Sixth Form student, Sebastian Willars said:

"It was a great talk from Mr. Beighton and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I learnt many new things such as the technology being incorporated into the clothing market."

As well as giving a talk to students, Nick also spent some time in our new Sixth Form Centre, enjoying a chat with pupils.

Nick concluded:

“The students I met were insightful, interested and asked great questions. It was a great visit and I hope to have the opportunity to come back again and to perhaps see some of them at ASOS soon.”