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House Cookery Competition - The Final

It has been a tense couple of weeks as Houses have competed in the ‘House Cookery Competition’, and as the contest came to a dramatic close last week, it has been described as ‘one of the best finals in the history of the competition’.

Head of Food and Nutrition, Mrs Melanie Christodoulou said:

“There has been an exceptionally productive atmosphere and a high standard achieved by all. Fabulous effort by all chefs with strong teamwork, good theme interpretation and a good eye for presentation to finish the dishes.”

She added:

“Thank you to Amelia Wells and Mr Jonny Anderson for giving their time to judge the event; much appreciated.” 

The Challenge: 

Prepare, cook and serve an Italian meal comprising a main course using fresh pasta, and a dessert. 

Local produce should be used where possible.


1st Place: Talbot House - Beef Ragu with Fresh Tagliatelle, Double Chocolate Almond Biscotti

2nd Place: Pelham House - Sausage and Tomato Linguini, Amaretti Pears with Chocolate and Honey

3rd Place: Gibbs House - Chilli Prawn Linguini, Tiramisu

4th Place:   Shirley - Tagliatelle with Basil Pesto, Zabaglione

Congratulations to the winners, Talbot chefs - Bryan Wong and Tom Williams - whose main course clinched the title.

"The Beef Ragu was a proper bowlful, well presented, and neat. The pasta was well dressed and cut. It had a good flavour, rich and sweet, perhaps a pinch of salt shy of perfection"