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Edward Armstrong - Scholarship Case Study

Sixth Former, Edward Armstrong gives us the lowdown on what the scholarship process is like at Worksop College.

Being a Worksop College scholar not only gives you pride in what you have achieved, but also confidence in your areas of excellence. Wearing the Scholars' tie is a source of great gratification for me, and I hope the same applies for other scholars in the school, though it does bring with it an expectation that you'll work hard and be a good example to the whole school. After all, academic study is the main reason we're here.

The application process may have been nerve-wracking, but at the same time was thrilling - the prospect of being included among Worksop College's scholars was exhilarating. For the academic scholarship, the exams were much different to any I'd sat before - much harder and a completely different environment. There were tests in English, Maths, Science and French, but they are not ones you can prepare for other than by working hard now.

In the music scholarship, while I found myself feeling pressured, I realised I could forget about it and 'just play music', or in other words just enjoy myself.

During the sports scholarship, having realised I was there to showcase what I was capable of and how much I could physically push myself, I could do exactly that. The tests aren't scary but you do want to do your best: push yourself but don't pressurise yourself.

I enjoy all my subjects, whether it is the content of the lesson itself or the challenge involved. Reading around the subject keeps my interest and passion for the subject through exploration. My interests have changed, too: I am quite good all round but used to think I'd do Maths and Sciences at A Level, but I also really love Latin, and I am now doing Geography and Economics which I didn't do at GCSE. My teachers have supported me to develop my talents but also to find new ones so don't do this process and expect to be the same in a year, two or five years' time!

I have many extra- and super-curricular activities, including musical ones like the orchestra, jazz band and choir (on top of music practice!), sports ones such as rugby and swimming training, as well as lectures. To achieve that I have to be organised, but it is amazing how much you can do if you really set your mind to it. At school, my Tutors have also been good sources of advice about exactly what I can and can't manage.

When applying, remember that you are there to show what you can do: regardless of which scholarship you are applying for. I find that keeping in mind the fact I have been honoured with my scholarships makes my work ethic much better, so be ambitious; it will definitely be worth it in the end.

Offered from Year 7 onwards, our scholarships programme recognises gifted pupils who show significant talent across Academia, Sport, Music or Art.

Come to our Scholarships Information Morning and you can expect a tour of our school, an opportunity to talk about the assessment process and to find out about the expectations of a Worksop College scholar.

Our Admissions Team will also be on-hand to answer questions about our transition programme, admissions process and anything else you might need to know about joining our school.

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