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Year 5 pupil, Eliza uses her love of books to raise money for charity

Year 5 pupil, Eliza Simpson has created her very own blog which contains book reviews about her favourite stories.

Not only that, but Eliza has set up a JustGiving page where people can donate and buy copies of the books she has read and loved – with all money raised going to charity, Young Minds.

Eliza was given the idea after reading an article in ‘Week Junior’ magazine, about a boy who created a blog to sell his old books.

With the idea in place, Eliza and her parents began researching in the October half-term.

Eliza said:

“It took us weeks and weeks to set up, as my mum and dad are not very good on computers and we needed a lot of help to do it!”

Eliza contacted the boy behind the article she had read to get his advice.

She continued:

“After getting the advice, my Uncle Chris helped me to get-going, then my mum went to Worksop College to get even more help from the IT department!”

In creating her blog and  JustGiving page, Eliza hopes that other children will look at the Young Minds website, so they know how to get help if they need it.

Eliza chose the children’s charity, Young Minds because both of her parents work in mental health services.

Her blog gives Eliza the opportunity to share and tell everyone about all of the books she has read – without giving away any spoilers!

Eliza said:

“My goal is that I am trying to raise £500 for the Young Minds charity by asking for a small donation to my JustGiving page and in return you can choose one of my pre-read books advertised on my blog.”

If you are interested in donating to the charity, or want to read Eliza’s book reviews, please follow the links provided below.

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