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Gearing up for the Great Ranby Race!

Children in our Reception class are taking their topic on the road as they get ready for ‘The Great Ranby Journey’.

Adam Newton, Reception Class teacher explains more:  

“Our current Imaginative Learning Project is ‘Are we there yet?’ - a theme exploring vehicles and different modes of transport, as well discovering places to visit and see. 

“To get the children immersed in the topic, we are determining how different vehicles move and the surface they move on.  We came up with the idea to create a race from one point to another, and so decided we’d race from Ranby House School to Kilton Forest Golf Club on Bylth Rd in Worksop, a distance of just under six miles.

“The children were hooked, which meant the learning opportunities were vast!”

One by one, various modes of transport were brought into school.  Children had an opportunity to explore them and to ask questions.  They then  compiled a list of data about each one and analysed routes they would take. 

“The children have brilliant reasons behind their choices and every child has differing answers!” said Adam.

Parents of the reception children have now got involved and the project has become a race! On Wednesday 13th February, children in Reception will ‘race’ against their parents to see who arrives at Kilton Forest Golf Club, first.

“The children and teachers will be taking the bus”, said Adam. “But parents will be racing us in a number of different modes of transport.”

“We have professional cyclist Graham Briggs riding a bike (just coming back from Tour de Britain), with two horses from another parent  who has contacts with Osberton, so these will be riding across fields at full speed.  We also have a farmer involved, who will be racing us in a tractor, as well as a ‘supercar’, a helicopter and a motorbike. With five days to go, who knows what other modes of transport might get involved!

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