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Heath takes on a life-sized challenge

Year 5 pupil, Heath has taken homework to the next level - building a life-sized replica of a sarcophagus!

9 year old Heath built the Egyptian structure as part of his ‘Pharaohs’ project - wrapping a wire mesh around his own body and then covering it with bandages and papier-mâché. Using a foam ‘head’ bought from a craft store, he then painstakingly painted it and covered it with ‘jewels’.

The labour of love took a whopping 4 weeks to build, with Heath writing a step-by-step guide of how he achieved the master piece.

“My favourite part of the project was when we watched a video about when archaeologist Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun – the youngest Pharaoh in Egypt. He was 9!” said Heath.  “That’s what made me want to build the sarcophagus.”

Heath, whose favourite subject is English, hoped the project would make his class teacher, Miss Farrier and Headmaster, David Thorpe, ‘proud of him for trying hard’.

Mr Thorpe said:

“We’re incredibly proud of what Heath achieved through his own enthusiasm, and engagement with his topic. We encourage our children to think of different means and methods to show their understanding and this is wonderful to see. Inspiring teaching inside the classroom is important to excite pupils about their extended learning at home. Heath’s dedication and resilience are a credit to him. At Ranby House, we are extremely passionate about pupil progress and reward children for their efforts, simply ‘trying their best’. Heath has certainly demonstrated this.”

Heath’s parents are equally proud of him.

“Heath committed about 82 hours to this,” said dad John.  “His perseverance with all the hand painting has amazed Rayna and I, and is in no small part due to Miss Farrier and the staff at Worksop College and Ranby House for creating such enthusiasm and interest in their topic and such a great teaching environment.”