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Ranby House School to STAY!

In post for just a half a term, new Headmaster Dr Price is pleased to announce that previous plans to move Ranby House School to the senior school site at Worksop College have been shelved.

Dr Price explains why:

“In the short time I’ve been in post, it’s very clear that the Ranby House School site provides an idyllic environment for the youngest members of our community to grow up and thrive in.

“The work of the team at Ranby over recent years has proved that this site, together with its amazing facilities, really does offer the best independent education in the region. And with growing interest in schooling at Ranby - last year we recorded the highest in-year recruitment for five years - this further encouraged us to review the original plan.”

“Ranby House School has clearly made a lasting impression on pupils and families past and present, creating so many positive memories. I am delighted that we will be able to continue to create many more.”

As part of a commitment to building the school’s long-term future, Dr Price and his team plan to extend the provision at Ranby House, with the Nursery taking children from age 2 in the very near future, and provision for even younger children planned as the next phase.

David Thorpe, Headmaster at the Ranby House School site is delighted with the news:

“Ranby House School has stood at this location since 1948. It has educated thousands of pupils over the last 71 years, playing such a huge part in so many people’s lives and seeing generations of families return.”

“We are pleased to say that investment in the site continues. At the beginning of this year, we created new classroom areas and play spaces by moving Key Stage 1 (children aged 4-7) into the main school, enabling us to develop bespoke learning areas in a larger Early Years Foundation Stage Centre. We are nearing completion of an outdoor education centre and wildlife fishing pond, as well as refurbishing our school Chapel.

“As well as being a perfect environment for our  pupils, Ranby House School’s amazing facilities and grounds provide the perfect place for community events and education, such as the Bassetlaw Orienteering, North Nottinghamshire’s Safety Zone, as well as other sports groups and organisations.

Chair of the Ranby Parents’ Group, Tori Eadington, who was a pupil at Ranby House School herself, has two children at the school and is equally delighted:

“We are absolutely thrilled at the news that Ranby House School is remaining on its current site. The school grounds are second-to-none, and it’s a fabulous environment for children to learn in. The decision taken to stay is a very much welcomed one, enabling future generations to benefit from a Ranby House School education in the location it’s sat on for 71 wonderful years.”  



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