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Worksop College Chemistry Roadshow

Dr Young, Head of Chemistry at Worksop College, has packed his car full of exciting experiment equipment and has hit the road.

After a disheartening year, where Worksop College's renowned Chemistry Roadshow was bought to a halt, Dr Young has dusted off his bunsen burner and taken to the road once more!

His first stop was St Anne's Primary School in Worksop, where he delivered an exciting, enriching and interactive lesson surrounding the subject of chemistry and chemical reactions. There were flames, colour, whizzes and bangs! 

See what the audience had to say:

"We loved the amazingly loud explosions and colourful chemical reactions - it was exciting and fascinating (and it wasn’t me that screamed)!"

Harriet, year 6

"I can’t wait to be in Year 6 so I can see Dr Bob!"

Lucy, year 4

"Dr Bob was awesome, we even got to help with the experiments!"

Harriet, year 6

Dr Young's next stop is North Wheatley Primary School, where he hopes to bring out just as much enthusiasm. We can't wait to hear all about it!