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Prep Project Progress

From gingerbread Trojan Horses to Black History Month Poetry, last half term's Prep Projects have been a huge success. Each half term, pupils in Year 7 and 8 select a topic to explore from classics, geography, history, R.S, art, computing or whole school events like Black History Month. They are then allocated time to complete their work around a project brief. Some of the most recent projects are shown below. Many pupils completed multiple projects as they couldn't decide on just one!

Mr Heeramun, Head of Key Stage 3 academics, was amazed at the results:

"As a school we offer such breadth academically in Year 7 and 8 so it is only fitting that this is reflected in our prep (homework). These prep projects allow our pupils to work creatively and independently whilst also having a say in their education. Our pupils have really risen to the occasion here with some truly exceptional work. Employers are always seeking out creativity, resilience and self motivated individuals and we see these attitudes as vital to a holistic education."

Year 7 Pupils added "It gives me the freedom to express my creativity in a subject" and "I like that you can explore different ways of presenting your work and that you can be as creative as you want to be"

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