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Exploring the Skies: An Unforgettable RAF and Navy Trip

Over in Newark, a group of our pupils from the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) RAF and Navy embarked on an exciting field trip, which included a visit to the Newark Air Museum and an afternoon of indoor climbing. The cadets were thrilled to have exclusive access to historical aircraft and received a personal guided tour.

Upon arrival at the Newark Air Museum, the cadets were greeted by OW David Smith (T 53-58), who had made special arrangements for their visit. Smith's thoughtfulness granted the cadets the rare opportunity to explore the iconic Avro Vulcan bomber and Avro Shackleton aircraft up close.

Adding to the visit, VIP Flt Lt John LeBrun (retired) took the time to provide a personal guided tour and delivered an engaging talk about the Avro Vulcan!

During the visit, there was unfortunately not enough space on the minibus for Pilot Officer Keightley. Undeterred, Plt Off Keightley, known by the call sign 'Ghost Rider,' embraced the opportunity and opted to travel separately on his bike - a decision which the other cadets found rather amusing. Meanwhile, Sqn Ldr John 'Goose' Dale took charge of driving the bus, ensuring the rest of the group arrived comfortably.

Despite the slight deviation from the initial travel arrangements, Plt Off Keightley's determination paid off when he managed to capture a photograph with his bike and Flt Lt LeBrun in front of the iconic Avro Vulcan. 

Following their visit to the Newark Air Museum, the cadets embarked on an afternoon of indoor climbing at The Foundry in Sheffield. Testing their physical endurance and teamwork skills, they scaled the walls, pushing their limits and encouraging one another along the way.

The cadet field trip was an unforgettable experience for the CCF RAF and Navy cadets. They not only gained valuable insights into aviation history and the inner workings of iconic aircraft but also created lasting memories and strengthened their camaraderie.