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Talbot House Dinner 2024

"Friday 23rd February saw the Talbot Boys working hard to set up for the annual House Dinner. The evening was shared with invited guests and family and friends with over 160 people (the largest event held so far) in attendance.

The night started with welcome drinks and greetings under the maroon and gold balloon arch, before moving into the Great Hall and taking their seats. Housemaster Mr Hill welcomed everyone to the evening before being followed by ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legend!’ Sam Knights with his rendition of Sam Smith’s Bond Theme ‘Writing’s on the Wall’. This year’s food starter was then served with appetising Panko Brie Wedges or Tomato and Basil Soup on offer.

It was then time for a Talbot classic, the first round of the traditional Heads and Tails Bingo, seeing an excited crowd ready to win a £50 Amazon voucher, all was decided by some flips of a coin.

As the night came into full swing, we were treated to an impressive piano solo by Vrishin Balasubramanian to support conversations just before the serving our delicious main courses; numerous portions of beautiful Steak and Ale Pie, Baked Cod Supreme or Fire Roasted Pepper Tartlet were certainly enjoyed by all.

Following the main course was the second round of Heads and Tails Bingo with another £50 Amazon voucher on offer. After this Kerrie Clowes (a Talbot parent of five years who was attending her final Talbot Dinner) delivered the entertaining and heartfelt poem below that described her son Zach’s journey through the Talbot ranks.

It all began 5 years ago
When we applied to this wonderful school
There were rumours about all the Houses
And which one was the most cool

Talbot House was top of the list
So our hopes were always clear
Would we be that lucky
For the sorting hat to bring us here?

It appeared that luck was with us
And we came for the first tour
The next 5 years had started
It would be a tremendous ride for sure

Debating was a winner
House sports had trophies too
House fun and games, House charities
Ensure the boys are never blue.

House competitions that we win
Are combined with all the fun
Get up early and prepare
With an early morning run.

Trips to darts, ice hockey, football matches
And don’t forget the curry
Memories created
That won’t be lost in a hurry.

Singing stars, musicians
We have them all right here
No other House has such talent
No other House can come near.

Academic too is big for us
Talbot likes to have the lead
We always know with this House
Every pupil will succeed.

And we must not forget House song
An occasion that’s ten out of ten
Don your raincoats, get your umbrellas
Because this time it was raining men.

House Dinner is also a highlight
The planning and work that goes in
We have enjoyed each year at the tables
Entertainment and prizes to win.

This House has been the centre
Of all the school employs
House is everything, House is the winner
An experience for all of these boys.

For the leader of this amazing House
Only one man fits the bill
With our heartfelt thanks for all you do
That goes to Mr Hill.

Dessert was the final contribution from the wonderful Worksop College Catering team who all those present were very thankful for, displaying options of Chocolate Brownie or a Baked New York Cheesecake.

While stomachs settled from the fabulous meal, one and all listened to what House Captain Luke Naylor had to say. Luke expressed his love for the House addressing those who had been there with him every step of the way. He also gave us an insight of what it was like to be a key member of the school with multiple siblings living the same experience. His confidence and calm manner were an impressive example of how he leads The Crown from the front. Guests were then treated to a slideshow of pictures from the year portraying what it was like to be a Talbot Boy.

The raffle held in support of Dravet Syndrome UK was then drawn. Multiple prizes (25!) were on offer ranging from Apple Watches and Holiday Homes to Bakery Hampers and 1040 Yorkshire Tea Bags. The must have prize on the night though was a brand-new bike! This was certainly an in-demand prize that was taken early on much to Mr Hearne’s annoyance! The raffle itself raised over £1600 and we were extremely grateful to Linzi and Bethany who attended on behalf of the charity. Dravet Syndrome UK works to improve the lives of those affected by Dravet Syndrome, a condition similar to epilepsy, although, with more frequent occurring seizures and no known medication to aid them. This limits the brain’s oxygen supply resulting in development delay where things such as learning difficulties and speech impairments occur as well as wider health issues.

The most prominent event of the night was the Housemaster Mr Hill’s powerful and inspiring speech addressing all of those connected to Talbot, and the enjoyment he found in being a positive role model for us. He expressed this most by opening up to those in attendance about the effect that Adam Johnson’s death (Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey player) in October 2023 has had in the months since. He stressed the importance of not hiding your true feelings and emotions and acknowledged the steps forward that boys in general are making with this. This left nobody without a joyous appreciation for the House and those running it, proving to all that the great Talbot House wouldn’t be the same without him.

Just before close the audience got to enjoy this year’s House Song performance of The Weather Girls classic ‘It’s Raining Men’. Many laughs were shared as the video of us in action was played on the main screen.  The best way felt by many to end the night, would of course be a performance of the Oasis hit ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ by Sam, Vrishin and Chris Wilson, the band didn’t disappoint, receiving a standing ovation to sign off another successful Talbot House Dinner.

It should be acknowledged that the event was completely pupil led, hard work was put in by several pupils both in front and behind the scenes, and we are already counting down the days to the next House Dinner in 2025."

Words by Archie, Year 12.

'When asked "what is the best thing about Talbot?" I can tell you immediately that the best thing is the sense of unity, that feeling of being part of a big family, a very loving, welcoming, and supportive family, one that is always there for you. It’s a family that helps you find yourself, because ever since I have been part of this amazing community, I have been a happier person”.
David Lorer (Lower Sixth Pupil)