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Our Yr 7 & 8's explore Castleton and Flamborough Head

The last two weeks have been busy for our Year 7 and 8’s, as they explored the effects of longshore drift and the topic of population on their respective Geography trips.

Last week in their Geography lessons, our Year 7’s have been studying the topic of population.

To gather data and explore the subject further, the class went on a trip to Castleton to investigate why tourists go there.

Students practiced their drawing skills with sketches of the various landforms and provided annotation to show why tourists may visit the area as well as the range of activities on offer in the area.

Pupils also interviewed people to find out where they were from, so they could map the results as part of their project.

The positive and negative impacts of tourism were looked at with a traffic count.

Everyone enjoyed the day and there was even time for some ice-cream and a visit to the small jewellery shops selling the local Blue John stone.

Our Year 8’s had an equally sunny day out at the coast and as well as eating some delicious ice-cream, were able to collect data for their investigation into the Holderness coast.

Students sketched and measured sediment size along the beach to identify the direction of longshore drift.

The pupils visited the chalk headland of Flamborough Head and observed the landforms carved by the erosion at Selwicks Bay.

They also enjoyed a visit to the tourist town of Bridlington. The practical work undertaken on the trip merges with the theory covered in class as a project undertaken by the students in the coming weeks.