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International Women's Day 19 - Mrs C Tilley

Mrs C Tilley, Head

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

I’m not really sure how I feel about this one, but I suppose it is a great chance to celebrate women in general. If there were no equivalent for men I should be less keen but there is, so at least all is fair!

Which women are you inspired by?

My mum has always inspired me, she is an amazingly positive and warm person who has always encouraged me to work hard, to believe in myself and to always contribute, whether it be at work, socially or as a member of our family. From history, I have been inspired by the bravery of Rosa Parks and Irena Sendler, and the wisdom of Maya Angelou. I am also incredibly inspired by Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama who spend a huge amount of their time using their influence to make life better for others, it is from people like these that I learned the principle of ‘paying it forward’. In truth, I also have enormous admiration for the Queen, regardless of what anyone might feel about the alleged privilege of royalty, her dedication to her duty to country has been phenomenal.

What role or impact would you like to play in relation to women's rights, today?

I would simply want to encourage women to be supportive of each other and to be the best women they can be. Some amazingly brave, determined women fought hard to help give us the opportunities we have today, women should never forget that, nor should they use being a woman as a ‘right’ to anything more than any other human being, equality of opportunity is what we should seek and expect.

What taboos related to women do you wish were broken?

I would like to lose the myth that there is anything negative in a woman being a strong leader.