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  • Black History Month: An Interview with Mr Sackey-Ambler

    Published 07/10/21

    October marks Black History Month, a month which offers everyone the opportunity to  celebrate and understand the impact of black culture and heritage. As the first week draws to a close, we decided to catch up With Mr Sackey-Ambler, Head of English at Worksop College, to find out what the English department had been up to.

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  • Feeling overwhelmed during the first weeks of School? We can help!

    Published 24/09/21

    It's been a long summer, and as students fill our cloisters once again, we can't ignore that they may feel overwhelmed by their return to school, especially following the change to their routine over the last few years.

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  • Worksop College Takes Salsa Dancing

    Published 10/09/21

    As part of the wonderful co-curricular programme here at Worksop College, our students have been offered the opportunity to try their hand at Salsa dancing! 

    Cuban Salsa is a dance in Cuba that has been marketed abroad and popularised since the 1970s. Cubans consider salsa as part of their social and cultural activities which centres on their popular music. It can be danced solo (suelto) or with a partner (parejas) and focuses on a wide range of intrinsic body movements which vary from basic to complex depending on the dance style. Casino styling includes both masculine forms including men being "macho" and also feminine forms with the elegancy which in combination lead to complex observational patterns yet the initiation of such complexities can occur from basic manoeuvres.

    This year, we aim to bring this beautiful dance into our school walls. Mr Breheney, Head of Physics and Salsa enthusiast, says "I will take learners through a range of basic moves that can be done alone or in pairs, therefore enabling them to perform a routine whenever they feel like. I will then move on to look at paired work and begin to develop some advanced techniques that look impressive from outside spectators."

    Cuban salsa is a dance-style that has its benefits which extend far beyond simply dancing. These include increased levels of fitness (mentally and physically), self-discipline, improved mental health and so much more.

    Are you a student and interested in learning this brilliant new skill? Click HERE to sign up for Saturday's session.

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  • Meet Alicia - Captain of School

    Published 09/09/21

    We are thrilled to introduce to you Alicia, Derry girl and one half of our new Captains of School! In her spare time, Alicia is a racing driver, being the 2019 IAME Ladies Cup Champion. This proves her to be ambitious and the perfect fit for this exciting new role. Ahead of her year of Captaincy, we thought it only right to welcome Alicia into the role with a quick interview. 

    Why did you want to run to be Captain of School?

    I wanted to run for Captain of school this year as I have always looked up to the previous captains from over the years and would like to have a positive impact on other students, just as they had on me. It’s a great chance to give back to the Worksop Community after everything they have done and continue to do.

    What is one thing you would like to put into place during your time as Captain?

    I would love to put together a group of students from across all year groups that would be interested in voicing their own opinions on what they would like to see at the school. This would allow us to incorporate everyone’s ideas and make sure everyone at the school has a chance to feel heard.

    Are you happy with this year's team of prefects?

    There is an amazing group of prefects this year who have helped support both myself and the school by being there for other students and helping keep the community the best it can possibly be.

    What is your favourite thing about being Captain of School?

    My favourite thing about being Captain of school is that I am able to work closely with both Uros and Dr Price and put forward my own ideas for the school, which is a really great opportunity especially as it's my last year here.

    Finally, why do you think Worksop College is so special?

    I think Worksop is special due to its unique community as all the teachers and students make you feel welcome and make sure you get the best out of this experience. There are many opportunities available which help push individuals not only in their academics but their own personal interests too which is really important.

    Fantastic job, Alicia - we can't wait to see what great things you'll do for Worksop College this year.

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  • Worksop College A-level Results Continue to Soar ​​​​​​​

    Published 10/08/21

    Worksop College sees nearly half of its grades awarded at A* and A.  

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  • Student Recieves The Princess Diana Award

    Published 28/06/21

    The Diana Award, the most significant honour a young person can receive for their social action, has been awarded to Year 12 student, Philippa Walker.

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  • Golf Fundraiser Day

    Published 29/04/21

    Worksop College Golf Fundraiser Day

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  • “Many opportunities to try new things!” – October half-term camp ​​​​​​​

    Published 05/11/20

    At the College, we're used to remaining open for Exeats, but when it comes to the half-term holidays, this was a whole new offer for 2020-21. 

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  • Cut to the chase: how barbering is helping tackle male suicide

    Published 09/10/20

    Just over three years ago, Old Worksopian (OW) Darren Birch (P 97 – 02) opened his own barber shop as part of an initiative with The Lions Barber Collective, a mental health awareness and suicide prevention charity, designed to encourage men to open up. Having been in the Police force prior and his experiences significantly affecting his mental health – his work now centres around preventing male suicide. 

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  • “Endless possibilities to learn and explore” - Meet Richard Kitson, our new Fine Art Teacher

    Published 16/09/20

    The autumn term is now in full swing as we welcome back staff, students and a few new faces too!  

    We caught up with new Fine Art Teacher, Mr Richard Kitson, to discuss his career so far and upcoming exhibition.

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  • A level results 2020: Top grades remain consistent for second year in a row

    Published 13/08/20

    A strange day for all this morning as teachers and pupils gathered to open their A level results. As with every other school in the UK, today’s results were based primarily on predictions. Based on past work, mock exams and student ranking, these results were then standardised according to factors including a school's past performance and pupils’ past exam results. 

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  • Sporting 'bingo' bags Joe a £25 voucher

    Published 30/06/20

    With Sporting events and matches off the cards, the PE department at Worksop College has been running an innovative sporting challenge to supplement the live PE lessons and Strength & Conditioning sessions delivered this term.

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