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At Worksop College, we understand the diverse needs of our students and families, so our flexi-boarding offering is designed to offer flexibility and support to both pupils and parents.

Our flexi-boarding programme allows pupils to stay with us for two nights per week, providing them with a comfortable bed and quality time spent with their friends. Whether your child has early morning sporting commitments, late co-curricular activities, or you're a busy parent, our flexi-boarding option offers the perfect solution. After school, students can enjoy evenings spent with their peers and dedicated House staff. With delicious evening meals, cosy boarding Houses, and a programme of exciting events, your child will have the perfect set up in their home-from-home.

At Worksop College, we prioritise the wellbeing and happiness of our students. Join us in embracing the benefits of flexi-boarding as we provide a supportive environment for growth, friendship, and academic success.

Flexi-Boarding Benefits

Eco Benefits 

Embracing Worksop College's flexi-boarding option not only provides convenience for families but also contributes to significant eco-friendly advantages. By choosing flexi-boarding, parents can reduce the number of daily car journeys to and from the college, thereby minimising their carbon footprint. This environmentally conscious decision aligns with our commitment to sustainability and demonstrates a collective effort towards reducing traffic congestion and lowering emissions. The positive impact fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility for our planet. As we prioritise the needs of our students and families, we also encourage a mindful approach that promotes a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Sporting Benefits 

Our flexi-boarding offering supports numerous sporting benefits for both pupils and parents. Taking advantage of our extensive sports programme, which includes late-night sessions and early morning matches, can often pose logistical challenges for transportation. Opting for flexi-boarding alleviates the worry of commuting to and from these events, ensuring pupils have a safe and convenient place to stay while maximising their sporting opportunities. With dedicated facilities and support, students can focus on their sports in a supportive environment, offering parents peace of mind, knowing their child is well-cared for and fully engaged in their sporting activities.

Academic Benefits  

Opting for flexi-boarding delivers significant academic advantages. Students can take advantage of late-night revision clinics and focused study sessions without the concern of commuting, allowing them to optimise their time and dedicate more hours to academic pursuits. This approach offers students a supportive space to enhance their academic skills and achieve their full potential. By eliminating the stress of daily travel, flexi-boarding allows students to immerse themselves in their studies, ensuring they have the time and resources needed for academic success.

Social Benefits 

Our flexi-boarding option offers many social benefits, enriching the student experience and helping to forge lifelong friendships. Students have the opportunity to spend quality time with peers while participating in our engaging activities calendar, which includes trips out, movie nights, campfire parties and more. For our older pupils, Flexi-Boarding nurtures independence and resilience, essential qualities for transitioning to university life. By gradually familiarising them with the responsibilities of self-care and time management, the move to university becomes less daunting, ensuring a smoother transition and a seamless adjustment to higher education.

My favourite thing about flexi-boarding is the variety of activities, as well as spending quality time with my peers.

Dan, year 13

Wellbeing Benefits

Flexi-boarding at Worksop College prioritises the wellbeing of our pupils by easing commuting stress and offering a supportive environment. By choosing to flexi-board, students can reduce the daily pressures of commuting, contributing to a more relaxed and focused state of mind. This not only saves time but also enhances overall wellbeing. With the added benefit of a supportive atmosphere, flexi-boarding ensures that pupils can prioritise their mental and emotional health while fully immersing themselves in both academic and co-curricular pursuits.


Termly Flexi-Boarding Costs 

Year 3-4 Year 5-6 Year 7-8 Year 9-11 Year 12-13
£5,779.00 £5,998.00 £6,166.00 £7,962.00 £7,755.00