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LAMDA Speech and Drama at Worksop College

At Worksop College, we encourage every pupil to engage with Drama and the Performing Arts because of the huge cultural and educational and personal benefits.

An excellent way of exploring this is through LAMDA Speech and Drama Tuition. Indeed, for many parents and pupils, the ability to explore and widen their love of Drama and the Performing Arts is a primary reason for attending Worksop College.

As well as teaching confidence and stage presence, a LAMDA qualification is a great addition to a CV or university application.

Read our FAQS below and sign up for lessons by completing the application form at the bottom of the page. 

Want to ask something further? Contact our Head of Drama,  Jamie Grant -

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete the application form if my child has had lessons at Ranby House?  

No – lessons are transferred automatically. However, it is helpful to receive up to date information about the standard reached and it gives you an opportunity to provide any supporting information you feel might be helpful to a new teacher.

Would it be better to wait a term to see how my child copes with routines at Worksop?  

Our experience is that it is better to set up the things that are important at the outset and to establish a good routine straight away.

Do all pupils who take LAMDA tuition take exams? 

There is no compulsion to take exams, although most pupils ultimately find that they wish to have a formal and recognised record of the standard they have reached. They also serve to motivate pupils really well.

Organisation of Lessons 

40 minute lessons are given weekly on a cycle of 30 throughout the academic year, charged as 10 lessons per term in advance of the tuition. Occasionally it may not be possible to fit in the full allocation of lessons exactly as above in each individual term but the full 30 will be given during the course of the academic year. Termly Fees for individual or small group LAMDA lessons £258

If at any point you wish tuition to cease, a full term’s notice is required in writing to the Head of Drama. This must be received no later than the first day of the term after which lessons will cease. This is standard practice and exists to support the School with effective staffing levels.

You will receive a written report of your son/daughter’s progress at the end of term in accordance with the school’s standard reporting procedures.

Absence from LAMDA Lessons  

The School tracks pupil absence from individual LAMDA lessons and reports this to the bill payer via the Parent Portal. A semi-automated message is generated and emailed to the contact details you provided for the purpose of general College Communications. The message should also contain the time of the next lesson and details of any extenuating circumstances.

The school will aim to meet all requests for tuition. Where there is a staff shortage due to high demand for lessons, applications will be dealt with in the order that they are received.


LAMDA Application Form