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The School Day

A one-way system will operate in most, if not all buildings with clear signposts and designated entrance/exit doors. It’s really important that we all adhere to this system, with the exception of during a fire alarm.

As you can imagine, large gatherings such as whole school assemblies or Chapel will not be possible for the immediate future. However, there will be meetings for smaller groups and virtual gatherings such as the Chaplain’s Thought for the week.

Face-to-face individual meetings will take place in venues where social distancing is easily achievable. Prep should be handed in electronically either via Teams or as instructed by teachers.

In order to accommodate the increased amount of time required for sittings at lunchtime, we need to change the start time of day to 08.45am (see lesson timings later). When they arrive at school pupils should go direct to their lesson 1 classroom. We would ask that Day pupils do not arrive before 8.30am

Timings of the Day for the first two weeks 

Monday to Thursday


  • P1: 0845 – 9.30 
  • P2 9.30 – 10.15
  • Break 10.15 – 10.30
  • P3 10.30 – 11.15
  • P4 11.15 - 12
  • Lunch time     
  • P5: 13.15
  • P6: 14:00
  • 14.45 break
  • P7: 15:00
  • P.8: 15:45 
  • The academic school day finishes at 16:30


  • 0845 – 9.30
  • 9.30 – 10.15
  • Break 10.15 – 10.30
  • 10.30 – 11.15
  • 11.15 - 12
  • Lunch time
  • 14:00 
  • 15:00
  • 15:45
  • The academic school day finishes at 16:30

For the first few weeks, there will be no activity programme after school or on Saturday morning for Day pupils, but Prep and Subject Clinics will still run. Buses will leave at 17:45 as usual. We are looking forward to starting our new Co-curricular programme and look forward to sharing with parents in the coming weeks!

Arrival at/departure from school 

We would ask that all family members remain in the car while dropping off or collecting pupils, we appreciate your support with this! If you need to speak with a member of staff, please call the switchboard or email the teacher. Please do bear with us if you are not contacted immediately.


Students are asked to wear their usual uniform. Windows will be open, so please make sure a jumper is worn too, if necessary!

On days when they have Games or PE, pupils should arrive at school in their games kit.

What to bring to school each day  

  • Day pupils should only bring what is needed for each specific day as there will be no access to Houses
  • Laptop/iPad to be used in lessons
  • Own pencil case (no sharing of resources please!)
  • A face mask
  • Hand sanitiser (sanitiser will be available in school but pupils should bring their your own small bottle which can be topped up during the day)
  • Water bottle (named)
  • A Healthy snack for morning and afternoon break (nut and egg free please). Pupils should not share food with other pupils!


All pupils will be registered in every lesson as usual and this will replace the morning and afternoon House registration system. As usual, if pupils are going to be absent or late we would ask that parents inform the Reception on 01909 537100 or email

If leaving at 4.30pm, there will be no need for Day pupils to sign out in House, but if Day pupils are being collected later than this, we will need to know.

Food, Tuck Shop and the Great Hall 

Mealtimes will be staggered reducing the numbers in the Great Hall at any one time. We have altered the timings for lessons so that we have a longer lunchtime and even longer on a Friday to accommodate high demands for fish and chip Friday!

The lunch queue will be slightly different as pupils will queue on the Science corridor, enter a newly created hand washing space and then re-join the lunch queue entering the Great Hall via the back corridor and exiting at far end of Great Hall.  There will be a one-way system within the Hall. 

The Tuck Shop will not be open, so we suggest your child brings a snack for break times. We’d ask that these are as healthy as possible and are limited to one item per break!


In accordance with government guidance around ‘dedicated transport’, we will be adopting the following measures on our buses in order to reduce risk:

  • Hand sanitiser will be available for pupils upon boarding and/or disembarking
  • There will be additional cleaning of vehicles
  • There will be an organised queuing and boarding system and distancing within vehicles wherever possible
  • Children over the age of 11 will be asked to use face coverings, where appropriate

Bus timings will remain the same, but we will no longer be running a service on a Saturday morning, but WILL be running a service on a Wednesday afternoon. For more detail, visit our Transport pages.


Pupils (apart from full and weekly boarders) will not have access to their Houses for the first couple of weeks of term. We know Houses are central to our pupils’ experience at school and so Housetime will be conducted in other areas of the school and in House year group bubbles.

House assemblies and tutorials will still happen and pupils will be encouraged to maintain their House identity as much as possible!

Games & PE 

Sport will not be ‘normal’ in September and we are consulting with relevant staff and National Governing Body guidelines in planning for the sports that we will provide. In the first instance, boys will play cricket and the girls will play hockey. Other sports available will include athletics, swimming, cross country and some racquet sports.

It may well be that shorter sessions and careful scheduling will be necessary to ensure that all pupils remain healthy and engaged. These will be communicated to pupils in good time.

Initially all sport and activities will be in year group bubbles. Similarly, fixtures will be carefully planned and as you can appreciate, may be limited in the first instance.


Individual lessons will take place with regard to risk assessments for peripatetic teachers and altered venues for lessons such as singing which will operate in areas such as Chapel or Churchill Hall.


There will be no activities at 4.30pm during week one of term; pupils will attend House activities, tutorials or prep sessions. If pupils wish to leave at 4.30pm, they are welcome to do so. We are looking forward to sharing our new Co-curricular programme with you as soon as we’re able!