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Get to know our Day Houses: School House

Our Day Houses are an integral part of our school.

We caught up with School House to discover what makes the Day House so popular with its students.

School House is a Girls’ house, located in the Main Building, which gives our pupils plenty of space in a relaxed environment.

Housemistress Paula Parkinson says:

“The short stroll to School House is ideal for clearing the head - bizarrely though, success seems to bridge the gap and come over with us!”

What are the best things about School House? 

School House is like a second family, the girls are genuine and caring and it is a closely knit community. Everyone works well together and feels included. There is no inner rivalry.

We have lots of fun, sometimes mad, but never bad! The environment is homely and welcoming. We all pull together to do well, show mutual respect but don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Our School House girls enjoying some downtime

"A great sense of belonging, loads of support from girls across all years when doing house events.


Students in our Day Houses also get the best of both worlds, as they have the option to flexi-board and stay two nights a week.

What is the history of School House? 

When the College was first established in 1895, there were two original dormitories, Cross and Fleur de Lys, or as we know them today Mason and Pelham.

In 1896 a third dorm was added, Lion (Mountgarret) and in 1897 Crown (Talbot). The dorms became known as houses in 1924, and in 1930 the houses were re-named to what we know them as today. At this point, a fifth house was added to accommodate the increase in the number of boys who had entered the school, School House - which combined the four symbols of the other houses on its shield.

Our dedicated team of School House staff members including Housemistress, Paula Parkinson and Assitant Housemaster, Andrew Axelby (both centre)

It was established by Canon Shirley, the then Headmaster who became the first Housemaster of School House. In 1983, as numbers in the school had fallen, School House closed down and its 35 boys were dispersed into the rest of the school. In the ‘Worksopian’ of 1983, N.R. Hall wrote:

“We men of Scholae have much of which to be justly proud and the memory of Scholae and all that it stood for must not be lost – SEMPER AD COELESTIA.”

School House Dinner

School House was re-opened in 2007 as a girls’ day house, in response to the decision to split Shirley, the co-educational day house, into two single-sex day houses to accommodate the growing numbers in the school.

The girls moved out over to the Meynell Building for nine enjoyable years, before moving back into the body of the main school 18 months ago.

School House bake sale

Any highlights/accolades School House has received?

Highest achieving house academically, musically and dramatically, we are also the winners of House Challenge for the 2nd year running. In the past we had a run of five years winning the inter-house sports trophy, but have not been as successful of late. However, we still have a number of elite sportswomen in the house in athletics and swimming currently.

Pancake Day

What are the best aspects of a Day House?

School House is a nice place to relax and have fun at break time – all the girls are really friendly, and we have very helpful tutors who support each other. You are always part of a team and all of the year groups mix and get on well together. We are organised and always know where to be when and involve everyone in house events.

We can do everything the boarders do - but have the opportunity to go home as well.

Do you have a School House motto?

It's the same as the school one: Semper ad Coelestia (Always to the heavens)