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Year 12 take a trip to the School of Artisan Food

Our Y12 Business and Food & Nutrition students went to the School of Artisan Food to experience artisan food production.

They made their own mozzarella cheese and used artisan bread dough to create their pizza for lunch. Food science theory was covered in depth.....yeast especially!

Helen Baddiley gave us her thoughts on the day.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of visiting the school of artisan food, it was a very interesting day and I learnt a lot from it.

The day provided us with a range of knowledge about both the business and the production of artisan food. I enjoyed hearing about the more traditional methods of making foods, and think it is important that these methods are preserved and that the industrialised methods do not take over the food industry.

I like the fact that there is a history and a story behind the product and feel this is important to preserve and keep alive. It is essential that the ingredients being worked with are understood and respected.

I particularly enjoyed listening to the business behind the School of Artisan Food and found it interesting that they work more as a charity rather than a business. They do not just seek to make profit and that any profit that is made is put back into the business in order to develop it further. This shows that they are committed to the promotion of good food and giving back to the community. I found this part of the day interesting, as the business side is something new to me and I enjoyed learning about it and how it functions.

My favourite part of the day was making the mozzarella and the pizza. I enjoyed the more practical and hands-on approach to the day and found this a much more successful method of learning.

I appreciated learning the science behind both the cheese and the bread as this was something new to me and the depth in which the tutors went into was very good and they provided me with a multitude of information throughout the day.”