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Sixth Form Classics and Latin students take a trip to London

A group of Lower Sixth students, Classicists and Latinists, headed down to London this month for a day spent examining at first hand some of the material they're studying at A Level.

Walking the corridors and courts of the British Museum in the morning, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in the afternoon, also offered the group the opportunity for unbounded intellectual exploration.

Dr. Sam Koon, Head of Classics, (photographed standing at a Caryatid) shared some of his thoughts with the students on the drapery folds.

Dr. Sam Koon shared some of his thoughts with the students on the drapery folds

Head of Religious Studies & PSHE, Dr. Adam Gutteridge said:

“Interaction with the material remains a really important part of learning at A Level: seeing first-hand depictions of Livia and Augustus brings the Roman past, its history and language to life, in the minds of the students, and a critical engagement with the place of Roman culture in the context of world history is best achieved at museums like these.”