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STEM Events Series

What is STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs are expected to grow at double the rate of other occupations, creating over 14 million jobs between now and 2023.

The top most well-paid graduate jobs are in the STEM industry. And yet uptake of STEM subjects at A-level and university nationally remains low and male-dominated, with only 12% of students studying STEM subjects at university being women and only 3% of them entering a STEM-based career. 

Through a programme of  STEM activities delivered through lessons, activities, trips, lectures and competitions, students throughout the entire school, from nursery to A-level, have the opportunity to be inspired and to learn more about these subjects and careers they lead to.

Our STEM events are ever-evolving and ever-changing,  see below a full list and check back regularly for updates.

What happens when I fall asleep?

We are going to introduce our pupils to the wonders of the universe.  We will be listening carefully to the presentation of the solar system and we will ask questions based on the children's observations.  We will be introducing new vocabulary and comparing patterns of stars.

Questions to ask the children
  • What happens when you fall asleep?

  • Have you ever seen the Moon?

  • How many stars are in the sky?

  • Where does the Sun go at night?

  • What is a star?

  • Do you know the name of any planets?

  • Do you know the name of any constellations?

  • What does it feel like when you look at the stars?

  • Are the stars still there in the day?

  • What do you do at bedtime?

Snuggle Cinema

Pupils from Reception and Nursery are having an afternoon of comfort.  We are putting on our pyjamas and gathering into the Performing Arts Centre theatre for a cinematic experience.