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Uniform FAQs

When are you open? 

Please refer to the Weekly Bulletin for School Shop opening times. If you don't have access to this, please call Enquiries on 01909 537100. 

Why do I need to book an appointment? 

Fitting a new pupil with school uniform and sports kit takes approximately 1 hour. Booking an appointment for this fitting ensures that we can dedicate our full attention. To arrive without an appointment would be unfair to you and to other pupils who have booked for that time.

If you are unable to make a prior booking then you can telephone us on the day that you wish to come and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do Sixth Form pupils need to buy uniform? 

All pupils will need the basic sports kit. Boys will need to buy a school and house tie.

My child is not of average height/build, will you have uniform to fit?

The shop has in stock a large variety of sizes. However, it is especially important for you to book an early appointment if your child is not the average size as we don’t carry a high quantity of stock in sizes of less demand.

Do I need to buy everything from the school shop? 

If you would like to purchase all items of uniform from us then we aim to provide clothing that is of good quality at a competitive price. Certain items you must buy from the school shop as they are of school design but if you prefer to buy the basics elsewhere then this is acceptable as long as the uniform criteria is strictly followed.

We also stock a range of sports items such as hockey sticks, basic mouth guards (although we do recommend one which is professionally fitted), shoulder pads, hockey and rugby gloves etc. We do not sell trainers as there is such an individual choice available on the high street.

Do I need to bring my child? 

Please bring your child with you for the purchase of uniform. It is better that they try it on before purchase.

How do I order clothes labels? 

Name tapes for uniform can be ordered through the shop when you come for your fitting. We will then post them to your home address. We recommend that all name labels include the house details so that if items are lost we can easily return them.

What methods of payment do you take?

Payment can be made by Credit / Debit Card or Cash.

Can my child use the shop when at school and how do they pay?

Every child has a shop account  and they will be given a pupil identity card which can be used to buy items which are then charged to your end of term bill. We also accept cash.

Pupils may purchase items from the shop at morning break and lunchtime. You may like to set an account limit for tuck or shop purchases. Please advise a member of the School Shop team of any limits that you would like to enforce.

Parents may change pupil spending limits during the school year by email or telephone call to the shop. We will not allow pupils to inform us of limit changes and we ask that changes are occasional rather than a regular occurrence.