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The College welcomes The Amy Winehouse Foundation and Addaction

Worksop College’s Year 10 class were visited for the second time in a fortnight by the team at The Amy Winehouse Foundation and Addaction.

In partnership, these two charities run a Lottery-funded educational project, The Resilience Programme – which works with schools to provide education about well-being and offer preventative guidance around the issue of substance misuse.

Dr. Adam Gutteridge, Head of PSHE said:

“This is the third year in succession that we have welcomed the team to the school, and the project's values overlap with our own PSHE principles at the College: that we need to be proactive about wellbeing and responding to student needs in a changing world, and that we achieve those goals through openness, honesty, and a desire to listen.”

Real-life experiences of addiction and recovery were shared, and the students left the session equipped with examples of real-world coping strategies. Strategies that would help them deal more successfully with the unique pressures of coming-of-age in today’s world.

Dr. Gutteridge continued:

“We’re grateful to Lauren, to Aimee, and to Dominic, for working with us at the College.”