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Our Year 6 students learn about 'balanced forces' in a very novel way

On Monday, our Year 6 students got the opportunity to go indoor skydiving at the Airkix Centre in Manchester. The trip coincided with the pupils' work they had been doing on ‘balanced forces’ in their science lessons.

The session involved a briefing about the forces and the science behind skydiving before the group undertook two ‘flights’.

Indoor skydiving is ‘flying’ on fast moving air, blown up by a fan below the floor. The force of the airflow balances out the weight of the skydiver, just like the freefall aspect of regular skydiving.

Head of Boarding, Mr. Pymm said:

“The instructors in the air chamber were great and helped each Ranbian throughout their ‘flight’. It was good to see all the pupils have the chance to step outside their comfort zone and seize an amazing opportunity to experience something quite extraordinary.”

He continued:

“We are very grateful to the Ranby Parents Group (RPG) who funded this entire trip.”