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Derry House

Derry House – Pergite Semper (continue always)

It is not uncommon for green hoodies to be spotted through our hallways, or on the sports fields, as our Derry students wear them with pride. Derry House has an abundance of house spirit, often being the ones cheering the loudest at house events.

Much like every other house, Derry holds the opinion of being the best house. The fantastic sense of community and friendliness is the perfect welcome for any newcomer. Derry House invites you for a visit, to see their home and witness their spirit first hand.

Once a Derry Girl, always a Derry Girl.

Events at Derry House 

Although sport may not be everyone’s strongest point, the house sporting competitions encourage participation from everyone, allowing a sense of pride through representing the house and its community. The sporting competitions are wide-ranging and include squash and tennis alongside the more typical sports of netball and hockey. Sports day and Clumber Run are the major events in which every member of the House is encouraged to participate; everyone’s contribution does make a difference. Alongside the sporting events, the “Cuthbert Trophy” competition also gives us a chance to experience challenges outside of the sporting arena e.g. Design & Technology, Cookery, Chess, and Photography. If members of the House are unable to play or take part in any team you can always guarantee loud supportive cheers from the sideline by the girls in green!

Raising money for our house charity gives us all a sense of awareness of the outside world and helps us to create a willingness to help others.

The Derry House Dinner is an evening when the whole House, staff and parents sit down together and have a semi-formal meal. It is a chance for all the girls to thank the tutor team for their support during the year and especially to thank Mrs. Powell for her unconditional support, hard work and commitment to the house and all its members.  Another great aspect of the evening is that it is a wonderful opportunity for the house to showcase some of its incredibly talented pupils; girls sing and play a range of instruments in a wonderful, friendly and supportive atmosphere. The youngest member of the house is asked to perform the ‘loyal toast’. Also, during the meal, we treat our parent’s to a rendition of our House Song.

Staff at Derry House 


Ms Jamie Grant  (Drama)

Assistant Housemistress



Mr Andy Appleton (P.E)


Miss Frances Chetter (Languages)


Mrs Denise Howson



The House is named after Provost Reverend W.R. Derry. Derry House only moved into its present location in the main school buildings during 1993-4 after the closure of Mountgarret House. Girls first attended Worksop College in 1972 as day pupils, but at that time they did not have a specific house. However, this changed in 1977 when Derry House was established next to the Health Care Centre. The rest is history!