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In the spotlight: Our Year 8 English classes

It's been a busy few weeks for our Year 8's in their English classes. Our students have been working on a project where they have had to create their own charities - with the skills focus being persuasive writing.

For this, the students had to create a charity appeal letter for their chosen audience and create a presentation about their charities to the class.

Trees for Bees charity letter

English Teacher, Mrs Sackey-Ambler said:

“We have had some amazingly creative ideas! Some groups chose to present their work in more creative ways, like a moving image/video or webpage to go alongside their presentations. After this, they then had to analyse their work.”



Recent and previous projects have also been to create individualised written reports and presentations on an invention of their own, as well as designing a book cover for a specific audience, using a range of presentation and language features to suit a chosen audience.

Chloe Simpson's book cover
Elian Kherha's book cover

Mrs Sackey Ambler continued:

“Because these projects have been such a success, three students (Chloe Simpson, Devon Kaye and Elian Kherha) have been chosen to produce and edit a book/magazine that collates the work they've all been doing. We're hoping to publish this and give to parents by the Easter holidays.”

Devon Kaye's book cover

Check out the 'Bees for Trees' webpage: