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Mason House

Mason House – Solar nobilitas virtus (Virtue alone is noble)

Although mindful of tradition, Mason has an innovative and forward-looking approach, aiming to promote an environment where individuals strive to succeed by fulfilling their potential, and provide a place where pupils feel able to express themselves.

Much like the other Houses, Mason aspire to greatness, which tends to come in waves across the range of extra-curricular endeavour. Public speaking is currently a forte within Mason, but sport, and running, in particular, has become the acme of House achievement.

Our 5 Values:

  1. As the oldest House, we are passionate about our tradition
  2. Strong bonds and enduring friendships keep us together
  3. We are competitive but fair
  4. Team Spirit and camaraderie define us
  5. A resilient community

In addition to close monitoring of a pupil’s academic progress, Mason offers a wide variety of cultural and social activities including the Patchett Supper, a formal affair in honour of a former Mason House benefactor, prepared and hosted by the Senior boys for their guests and invited staff.

Mason was one of the original ‘Four Dormitories’ when the College opened. Initially, in 1895, with 44 new boys, there were just two Dorms called the Headmaster’s Dorm and School Dorm. Before long it was decided that the dorms should have emblems to distinguish them and so the Headmaster’s Dorm became Cross (from the cross of St. Cuthbert) and School Dorm took the Fleur de Lys, which is on the ends of the arms of St. Cuthbert’s cross. As the size of the College grew, so did the number of dorms and quickly two dorms became four and in 1925, under Canon Shirley, they were renamed as Houses. Each House was named after a benefactor and Cross became Mason, after the first Custos William Henry Mason. Today, Masonians take pride in being the oldest and most senior House.