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Year 5 & 6 Orienteering at Worksop College

Worksop College played host to nine schools across from the county yesterday, as we hosted the Bassetlaw Year 5 and 6 Orienteering event.

The results! 


  •   1st      Luca Barrett + Henry Hardy                            Ranby House                             8min 25sec
  •   2nd       Keiran McGrath + Maxwell Tomlinson           Holy Family                               9min 49sec
  •   3rd      Ellis Williamson + Robert Murch                    Ranby House                           10min 02sec
  •   4th      Jed + Evan                                                       St Peter’s C of E                       10min 34sec 
  •   5th      Jack Cowlam + Alec Wood                              Everton                                    10min 40sec
  •   6th        Marlie Proctor + Joshua Cooke                       Bracken Lane                          11min 03sec
  •   7th      Harry + Braden                                                Worksop Priory                       11min 17sec
  • =8th      Charlotte Ashton + Belle Maskell                   Ranby House                           11min 53sec
  • =8th      Martha Hazelhurst + Oliver Bell                     Holy Family                             11min 54sec
  • =10th    James Biggin + Oscar Simms                           Ranby House                           11min 57sec
  • =10th    Alfie Todd + Josh Moopin                               Ranby House                           11min 57sec
  • 12th      Daisy + Callum                                                 Thrumpton                              12min 06sec
  • 13th      Herbie Cartledge + Hugo Truscott                  Ranby House                           12min 09sec
  • 14th      Elaine Horton + George White                        Bracken Lane                          12min 12sec   
  • 15th      Thomas Leversage + Lucy Cowlam                 Everton                                    12min 18sec
  • 16th      Scarlett Jones + Jax Briers                              Bracken Lane                          12min 22sec
  • 17th      Joshua + Libby                                                 Worksop Priory                       12min 42sec
  • 18th      Atlanta + Briony                                              Worksop Priory                       13min 01sec
  • 19th      Nadia + Liam J                                                 St Peter’s C of E                       13min 05sec
  • 20th      Eleanor + Scarlett                                           Worksop Priory                       13min 45sec
  • 21st      Arthur + Callum                                              St Peter’s C of E                       13min 47sec   
  • 22nd     Angelo + Libby                                                 Thrumpton                              13min 59sec
  • 23rd      Libby Forbes + Isobel Bowers                         Everton                                    14min 02sec
  • 24th      Katy + Lillie                                                     St Peter’s C of E                       15min 07sec
  • 25th      Cayden + Owen                                               Carr Hill                                   16min 25sec
  • 26th      Hannah + Sophie                                             St Peter’s C of E                       17min 05sec
  • 27th      Sophia + Maddie                                             Carr Hill                                   17min 20sec
  • 28th      Emily Ollier + Charlotte Smith                        Holy Family                             17min 22sec
  • 29th      Lily-May + Angel                                             St Peter’s C of E                       17min 33sec
  • 30th      Kyle + Lucy                                                      Carr Hill                                   17min 56sec
  • 31st      Brooke + Lily                                                   Worksop Priory                       17min 57sec
  • 32nd     Luke Berry + Milo Gill                                     St Mary + St Martin                18min 40sec
  • 33rd      Olivia + Jake                                                    Carr Hill                                   19min 34sec
  • 34th      Ella Thomas + Taylor Smith                             St Mary + St Martin                20min 18sec
  • 35th      Reece + Charlotte                                           Carr Hill                                   22min 01sec
  • 36th      Oscar Shapland + Edward Marshall               St Mary + St Martin                22min 04sec
  • 37th      William Maddock + Henry Layhe                    St Mary + St Martin                24min 20sec
  • 38th      Katie Greenway + Tabitha Springthorpe        St Mary + St Martin                25min 08sec
  • 39th      Lara, Mercedes + Ben                                     St Mary + St Martin                27min 55sec
  • 40th      Purdie + Georgina                                           St Peter’s C of E                       14min 13sec    
  • 41st      Ruben + Tyler                                                  Worksop Priory                       17min 03sec  

Team results (Best 3 scoring pairs)

  1.      Ranby House               (1,3,8)              12pts
  2.      Bracken Lane              (6,14,16)          36pts
  3.      Holy Family                 (2,8,28)            38pts
  4.      Worksop Priory           (7,17,18)          42pts
  5.      Everton                        (5,15,23)          43pts
  6.      St Peter’s C of E           (4,19,21)          44pts
  7.      Carr Hill                       (25,27,30)        82pts
  8.      St Mary + St Martin    (32,34,36)      102pts

Event Organiser, Robert Parkinson said: "Many thanks to you and the Worksop College team for the good work you all did to allow the Year 5/6 orienteering to go so well yesterday. The grounds look fantastic and the refreshments and gazebos were much appreciated!"

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