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Year 12 Biologists examine gill structure

This week, our Year 12 Biologists had the opportunity to dissect a fish head as part of their topic ‘Gas Exchange Systems’. The dissection allowed the pupils to study the structure of the gills.

The group began by examining the outer features of the fish head, inside the mouth and behind the operculum (the bony gill cover).  The gill arch was then removed and suspended in water under a large magnifying glass, so the structure could be studied. After carefully preparing a slide with a gill filament, they used a light microscope to explore the gill filaments in detail.

Teacher of Biology, Ms Varney said,

“Despite a few squeamish noises at the start, all the students were completely immersed in the practical and enjoyed the experience. Apparently, they have been put off fish fingers for life!”



As a final exploration, the group dissected the eye to examine the beautifully spherical fish eye lens.







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