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Talbot House

Talbot House – Prest D’Accomplir (Ready to accomplish)

Talbot is known as the ‘friendly House’ and the Housemaster believes that creating a warm, caring atmosphere is paramount for the success of the individual – if a boy is happy in the environment in which he lives, this will spill over into other areas. With this in mind, he hopes that each and every boy entering Talbot House thirsts to, in the immortalised words of Alfred Lord Tennyson, “drink life to the lees”; have new experiences in new fields whether that be attending a Sixth Form Lecture, joining the school choir, auditioning for a school musical or trying out for the Villagers’ Cricket Team.

"As an international student I felt part of Talbot from the moment I walked through the door

Events at Talbot House 

Talbot is renowned for its participation in the annual House Song competition, which never fails to impress both in quality and in appearance. 

Music aside, Talbot thrives on coming together and sweating it out on the sporting stage. Talbot’s focus is on inclusivity; we play for enjoyment. Some have even gone so far as to call Talbot the “laid back” House and yet In-House nights are used to their full advantage by weekly visits to the Sports Hall. Here, activities range from 5-a-side football to Dodgeball. Dodgeball has become something of a tradition and culminates in a termly and much anticipated grand finale which sees many a day pupil enduring 90 minutes of prep for the singular reason of participating in this auspicious occasion.

Talbot has a proud History of academic success. In recent years it managed to win the annual House Challenge, an Inter-House general knowledge competition, on nine consecutive occasions. Furthermore, a large number of Talbot boys receive academic credits and Headmaster’s Commendations each week. In the course of an evening’s prep session, it is commonplace for a member of the Year 9 to seek guidance from an older member of the House who is continuing with their subject at A-level.

The House’s giving nature is illustrated by the fact that the House Sacristan records one of the largest collections each term. Unlike some other Houses, money given to Talbot’s chosen charity is done on a voluntary basis. What is more, two pupils cycled from John O’Groats to Lands End in order to raise money for the Air Ambulance, members of the VIth Form completed the Ironman Triathlon in two relay teams to aid the Multiple Sclerosis Society and, more recently, a member of the UVIth ran the Worksop Half Marathon to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The climax of the term is undoubtedly the end-of-term assembly where the whole House celebrates the House’s achievements throughout that respective term. House Colours are awarded and speeches are made by the various captains of Inter-House teams regarding their exploits.

Staff at Talbot House 


Mr Nathan Hill (Chemistry & Biology)

Assistant Housemaster

Mr Cameron Graham (Head of PSHE, Head of Rugby)


Mr Kris Heeramun (Geography)


Mr Richard Kitson (Art)

Sixth Form Tutors

Dr Robert Young (Head of Chemistry)

  Mr Tom Sackey-Ambler (Head of English)


Mrs Yvonne Draper


Talbot was one of the original four Dorms when the College opened. Initially, in 1895, with 44 new boys, there were just two Dorms called the Headmaster’s Dorm and School Dorm. Before long, as the size of the College grew, so did the number of dorms and quickly two dorms became four, with the addition of Crown and Lion and in 1925, under Canon Shirley they were renamed as Houses. Crown Dorm became Talbot House and was named after the Revd. Arthur Henry Talbot, our second Provost who remained in the post from 1897 to 1927.