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Guardianship Programme

Available to all pupils who have parents living overseas; Sherwood Guardians provides a host family located near to Worksop College and Ranby House, for your child to stay with during Exeats and half-term holidays.

Owner Michael Fagan is a former member of teaching staff at Worksop College with 24 years' experience of running a guardianship scheme.

The scheme enables your child to stay in a friendly, family atmosphere close to the school - giving them a taste of life in a British family, as well as life in a British boarding school, and really helping to enhance their language and social skills.

For parents living overseas, this scheme provides an excellent and cost-effective alternative to other guardianship companies.

Sherwood Guardians is an AEGIS accredited guardianship. 

Why Sherwood Guardians? 

  • Help to improve your child's understanding and use of English, by placing them with a British family
  • Their guardian, with help from host families, is there to assist your child with all personal administration, including travel arrangements, BRP assistance, and opening a bank account – amongst other things
  • A host family helps a child to settle – leading to significantly improved academic success
  • A guardian and host family is available is available to take pupils to university visits and open days – providing support for the important step
  • Pupils placed with host families take part in regular family trips, ensuring your child has a greater understanding of British culture
  • A guardian and host family will work with the school to identify and overcome academic problems
  • A host family will work with the school to identify and overcome academic problems
  • Provide a home-from-home, including counselling and personal advice
  • A guardian and host family can be relied upon to independently pursue complaints or concerns as necessary, providing an important safeguard for your child

Fees 19/20 

The all-inclusive cost for non-EU members is £1485 per term for full membership and £845 per term for membership if a member of the EU. (This is where a pupil will visit home for half-term)

The cost includes:

  • All accommodation
  • Travel within the UK, and management costs if pupils arrive on the day

Please note that Boarders are expected to return to school and depart on the last day of term.

Christmas & Easter Holidays 

Social Services (UK government department) prefers pupils to travel home for main holidays for important family and social reasons. However, it is possible to stay for longer holidays and this can be arranged with prior notice. Accommodation cost is £60 per night.