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Dominic, 16, Yr 12

I started at Worksop College in 2015 after attending Ranby House.

My favourite subject at the College is French. I enjoy learning languages and my French teacher this year has been very helpful and is hilarious. I always enjoyed going to his lessons.

It sounds rather cliché, but I enjoy everything about Worksop College and what it has to offer.


Get to know you better!

Something you can’t live without? - Apart from the necessities like food and drink, I think unfortunately my phone! It’s my main source of contact to get hold of people and finding things out would be extremely tricky.

What is your favourite TV Show? - ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Watched every episode many a times and I never bore of it.

What is your favourite band/artist? - Don’t think I have one. I listen to everything on the musical spectrum and there are people I like and people I don’t like, but no particular favourites.

Do you play any sports/musical instruments? Sports, yes- Rugby, Hockey, Tennis. Musical instruments, yes- singing, piano, double bass.

What is your favourite food? Whatever is put in front of me!

Any hobbies outside of school? - I like to read whenever I can. But unless prep is a hobby, then no.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? - I don’t know really. There are too many people that I would love to have lunch with, but I would accept to have lunch with the majority of celebrities.