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Uroš, 17, Yr 13 

I came to Worksop College in 2020 as a Year 12 pupil. I enjoy studying here because both the pupils and the teachers are very supportive, and failure is not seen as something bad, but rather as an opportunity to learn. Life at the College is also very interesting - I’ve found myself taking part in activities I never could have imagined doing before, such as Cuban salsa, yoga and meditation, and learning how to operate a telescope.



Get to know you better!

Something you can’t live without? - Music

What is your favourite TV Show? - Breaking Bad

What is your favourite band/artist? - Rammstein

Do you play any sports/musical instruments? Yes - I play volleyball and the guitar

What is your favourite food? - Kačama, a tradtional cornmeal porridge

Any hobbies outside of school? - I love playing chess

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? - Joe Duplantier. He is one of my favourite musicians because he uses his music to send messages of peace and to promote environmentalism. I think the world needs more people like him.