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Creative biology? James 'rose' to the challenge

Biology Teacher Andrea Varney has been consistently impressed with the quality of work submitted by her Year 7s during remote learning, but one student in particular has really risen to the challenge with his ‘Plant Reproduction’ project.

“To try and make the topic on Plant Reproduction a bit more interesting and fun, I set the year 7 students two practical tasks that they could do at home”, says Ms Varney.

“The first was to investigate factors that affect seed germination and the second was to dissect a flower to study its structure. A number of students rose to the challenge, and sent photos of their work, but James' project was absolutely outstanding! He took photos of his germination investigation at three stages, made written observations, (like a good old fashioned scientist!) and then took photos of the flower dissection and used them to create a summary video of his findings.”



James has since been awarded a Headmaster's Special Commendation in recognition of his efforts and hard work.

“I really enjoyed it!, said James. “I found the practical part interesting as I could actually see which seedlings grew and which didn’t. I spotted which were the tallest and could relate the conditions in each pot with what was the best for germination. I love creating videos of my work. To make the video, I researched the parts of the flower, and took some photographs with my Nikon camera which I had as a Christmas present. I then added my knowledge to the video and created special effects using video editing software.”

Well done James, great job!

See James' Seed Germination Investigation HERE. 

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