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Georgia, 12, Yr 8

My favourite subject is History because my teacher, Mr Axelby is excellent and he explains the subject really well. He makes the lessons really interesting and I want to learn more. We’ve also got to go on some amazing trips, recently we’ve been to Normandy, where we learnt about WW2 and it was absolutely amazing. I didn’t used to like History but ever since I came to Worksop College I’ve loved it.

I started at Ranby House in Year 5 and came across to the College last September in Year 7. I have already enjoyed my first year and I am excited to start Year 8.

My favourite thing about Worksop College is the close relationship you form with all your teachers. You get along with everyone, even the Sixth Formers, and you always feel happy and that you want to come to school. I love the drama, sports and music at the College they are by far my favourite things. These subjects challenge you and make you determined to do better and they really boost your confidence.

Outside of school I go to Doncaster Hockey Club. I love hockey and I’m a really sporty person so when the teachers at Ranby suggested I found a club to play at, I started at Doncaster.

Get to know you better! 

Something you can’t live without? - I can’t live without my friends and family because they are the people that are always there for you .

Who is your favourite band/artist? - Ed Sheeran is my favourite artist because he writes songs and music which is exactly what I do, so he really inspires me.

Do you play any sports/musical instruments? - I play the piano, write songs and sing. I play a lot of hockey, rounder’s and do athletics.

What is your favourite food? - My favourite food is fish, particularly salmon.

Any hobbies outside of school? - Outside of school I play hockey and up until last year I use to Irish dance. I competed at national level and have won many titles, trophy’s and medals.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? - I’d love to meet Queen Elizabeth II because I find her really fascinating. She could talk about all her history and her past life, I just think it would be really interesting.