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Year 9 Options Form

As you enter Year 9, in order to accommodate the wide variety of subjects in the curriculum, some subject choices have to be made. Several of these subjects have been on a 12 week carousel in Year 8, so this allows you to study your chosen ones for the entire year.

There is flexibility; do not worry if you are unsure at this stage, as there will be opportunities to change. Also, you will be able to pick up most subjects offered at GCSE if you choose to do so, even if you have not studied it in Year 9. That said, we would advise that if you are considering Latin for GCSE, you should continue with it through Year 9.

First, give your preferred Modern Foreign Language*

Next, choose ONE from each Option Block, unless you wish to study both French and Spanish, in which case tick both languages above and choose an option from two of the blocks below.

Block A - Select one of the following*
Block B - Select one of the following*
Block C - Select one of the following*

* This is to allow music scholars and others with a particular aptitude for music the additional space in their timetable to have extra lessons and theory tuition. For further information, please speak to Mr Uglow in the Music Dept.