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Art Scholarships

We have a long and strong tradition in Fine Art and in other areas including Photography and Sculpture, therefore pupils who accept Art awards must carefully consider the commitments they are making and the amount of time they must devote to the subject. 

Art Scholars are expected to play a leading role in the creative life of the school and to assist with exhibitions and dramatic productions.

How do we assess Art Scholars?

If you are successful in your application, you will be invited to our Assessment Day. Read on for what to expect.

Assessment Day - Wednesday 27 January 2021

  • Drawing task – a selection of still life will be available.
  • Photography - you will also be asked to take a set of 20 photographs with your own camera in addition to completing the drawing.
  • Written task – connections to the work of artists should be evident in your portfolio. You will be given starting points as part of this, using them in your written analysis of a familiar art image that will be provided on your way.
  • Interview with the Head of Department
  • You will also be asked to bring a number of things on the day: 
  1. Drawing Task – A crumpled paper bag’ from direct observation
  2. Photography/timelapse/film task – ‘Time and Change’ – day to night or the weather
  3. Report on a visit to an Art Gallery Exhibition – 200 words with photographs
  4. Analysis of a favourite piece of artwork/photography/film

You will also need to provide a portfolio of 10-20 pieces (by 20 Jan 2021) using different sizes, media and themes. Works showing a sustained ability to draw from observation is important as well as painting, textiles, design work, 3D work, photography, garment making, work by hand and using a computer.

To request an application form, please get in touch with the Admissions Team by emailing or call 01909 537100.