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Scholarships FAQs

A Scholar is defined as someone who is a specialist in a particular branch of study. Our Scholarships are available from Year 7 onwards and are designed to give students with outstanding abilities, the opportunity to take advantage of the excellent education we offer. 

Who can be awarded a Scholarship?

Students with outstanding abilities in a range of areas have the opportunity to apply for a Scholarship. These areas include Academics, Art, Music and Sports. We typically award Scholarships to candidates joining us in Year 7, Year 9 or Year 12.

We occasionally award scholarships to exceptional candidates who join the school outside these traditional entry points. Please contact the Admissions Team for more information.

What level should I expect to be at in order to get a scholarship?

As a broad ability school, we are absolutely committed to individual progress and will take into consideration, candidate potential, as well as current skill level. To discuss your individual application, you can contact a member of the Admissions Team, or come to our Scholarships Information Morning on 9 November 2019. Sign up HERE.

How much is a Scholarship worth?

The monetary value of the Scholarship can vary depending on the candidate’s level of skill, but is typically between 5 and 25%.

How do you apply for a Scholarship?

To request an application form, please get in touch with the Admissions Team by emailing or call 01909 537100.   

If you are successful in your application, you will be invited for an assessment day in January 2020. Those who are successful at the assessment day will be informed in February 2020.

Multiple applications may be accepted, however, the overall amount of scholarship that may be offered does not tend to surpass an overall 25%.  Please note that applying for a Scholarship does not preclude you from applying for a Bursary, so please visit our Bursaries page for more information, or contact the Admissions Team. 

I am already a pupil at the school (Ranby House/Worksop College), is the process different for me?

No, the process is exactly the same. You simply seek a recommendation from the appropriate teacher in support of your application, rather than your Head teacher (as is the process for external candidates).

To request an application form, please get in touch with the Admissions Team by emailing or call 01909 537100.   

Please note that the recommendation forms part of the decision-making process, but should not be considered as a guarantee of a scholarship.

There are many factors involved; including number and quality of applications, plus total number of scholarships available.

The final decision is made by the Head.