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Drama & Theatre Studies

During this GCSE, you’ll learn about a wide variety of different ways in which theatre is created, what it means to us as human beings and how to create it successfully for yourself.

You will study a wide repertoire of historical and modern theatre, will devise theatre for yourself from researching and investigating real-life human topics and learn to understand and use the various components that create a theatre production to further develop your existing performance skills.

Much of your learning will take place through experimentation and the drama studio is a perfect environment for this. More usually than not you will work in small groups with other pupils under the direction and guidance of your teacher. Theoretical knowledge will be introduced and explored in a practical context before being further investigated through written assignments. Watching live theatre is, of course, essential and there are regular opportunities for this.

This subject is for you if:

You already love theatre and performance or wish to increase your ability, skills, knowledge and importantly – confidence. You can be a shrinking violet or a bit of a show-off, but successful participation is equally possible. Knowing there are no limits to how something may be interpreted on stage is an exciting concept and this subject invites you to take up that challenge.


  • 50% coursework (practical drama)
  • 50% exam (discussion of practical drama and methodology)
Subject Level Year Group Exam Board
Drama IGCSE Y11 Cambridge