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Learn how features of the natural landscape are formed and how they evolve over time. You’ll look into dynamics of population, exploring where people live, why they live there and what causes the movements of people. You’ll also explore the ways in which humans use the natural environment for economic gain and the impact on the world we live in.

You will use real-world examples to demonstrate the concepts you’ve grasped. You’ll develop your numeracy skills through graph interpretation and simple statistical analysis, as well as becoming adept at proving your point through explanation.

As well as fieldtrips to see theory in practice, you’ll also use technology to create podcasts and animation movies. The majority of learning takes place in the classroom, but you can expect a number of trips, as well as at least one overseas.

This subject is for you if:

You enjoy learning about the world around you, are interested in how the landscape is formed and why the people are distributed as they are. You will enjoy being challenged and will be excited by the idea of proving a theory or idea based on your sound research.


  • 27.5% coursework
  • 72.5% exam
Subject Level Year Group Exam Board
Geography IGCSE Y11 Cambridge