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English Language

One of our core subjects at GCSE, this course will help you understand how language works in our society. You will learn to write really well in a variety of contexts and for a variety of different purposes - deepening your understanding of what others write and learning to unpick why one piece of writing is more exciting, engaging, informative, casual or formal than another piece.

You will broaden your knowledge of language and understand how and why structure is important, whether at sentence or whole document level.

You will read widely across a variety of texts, including travel writing, biography, journalism and media pieces.

You will write to present your opinion concisely and forcefully, incorporating the skills of rhetoric. You will write creatively and imaginatively, experimenting with figurative language and other devices – and learn to present information and ideas in fresh, exciting and interesting ways.

Everything you learn to do in reading and writing, you will also learn to powerfully transfer to speaking and listening - skills so prized in the modern world.

This subject is for you if:

During this course, you want to learn how to express yourself as effectively and impressively as possible, as well as understand how others achieve the same thing. During this course, you will see communication as key to demonstrating you are a highly competent, skilled and knowledgeable young adult.


  • 50 % coursework
  • 50 % exam
Subject Level Year Group Exam Board
English Language (First) IGCSE Y11 Cambridge