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During this course, you will gain a deep understanding of Spanish culture and its influences on the rest of the world. You’ll also look at the origins of Spanish and how language evolves over time.

You’ll develop a better understanding of language in general, as well as being able to expand your knowledge of vocabulary. You’ll begin to understand the different structures that exist in language, and to develop competence and confidence in using Spanish in both written and spoken forms.

You will also learn to develop your comprehension skills and to develop strategies to help you unpick a problem when you encounter a challenge.

You will take an active part in lessons, listening carefully, contributing to discussion and fulfilling work independently and as part of a small group.

This subject is for you if:

You enjoy challenge, variety and communication. You’ll have an aptitude for communication and will enjoy thinking for yourself. You’ll be excited about other cultures and will enjoy the challenge of conversing in another language.


100% exam  

Subject Level Year Group Exam Board
Spanish GCSE Y11 AQA