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With a significant number of French-speaking countries across the world, this GCSE will help unlock a number of opportunities, as well as helping you explore this beautiful culture in more detail.

You will develop a better understanding of language in general, as well as developing and expanding your knowledge of vocabulary. You’ll learn about the structures in the French language and will develop greater competence and confidence in using French, in both written and spoken forms.

You’ll begin to understand the impact that the French language has made across the world, as well as an appreciation of the cultural aspects of the countries where French is spoken.

You’ll also develop a better understanding of modern French society and will take part in overseas trips and field studies.

You will take an active part in lessons, listening carefully, contributing to discussions and fulfilling your projects in a small group environment.

This subject is for you if:

You enjoy challenge, variety and communication. You’ll enjoy discovering new things – as well as connecting with other people and cultures. You won’t mind being challenged and will have an aptitude for working things out.


100% exam

Subject Level Year Group Exam Board
French IGCSE Y11 AQA