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Study IGCSE History and you will gain a real understanding of key historical moments and their impact on our daily lives today. You’ll learn in depth about the Great War – from the big battles to the tinned jam - and the quest for peace in the years that followed. 

You’ll look at peace treaties, the League of Nations and the collapse of peace as a result of the actions of Hitler and Mussolini. You’ll explore the Cold War in Europe and the Gulf – from the Shah to Saddam. You will study original sources from a range of different media – from posters, cartoons and diaries, to novels, biographies and textbooks. 

You’ll discuss, debate and share your ideas, using ICT to help your subject come to life. Understanding the deep impact that historical figures and events have made on all aspects of our lives is at the heart of this fascinating subject. 

This subject is for you

If you have an interest in studying how history affects, and is affected by, both ‘important’ and ‘ordinary’ people, and in seeing how societies, people and cultures change - and don’t - over time. You won’t be afraid of challenge and will enjoy articulating your point – using research to back up your argument. You’ll be excited by the past and keen on passionate discussion. 


  • 100% exam

 Exam Board

  • Cambridge iGCSE